Bachelor of Arts in English (AB English) North Negros State College of Science and Technology

Hi there! I'm Fair.
I took up Bachelor of Arts Major in English. I graduated from Northern Negros State College of Science and Technolgy.

What I like to do during my spare time is watching movies, reading books, and listening to music.

Learning English is useful and interesting, this will open the door that has a lot of oppurtunities.

I assure you that this one-on-one discussion will be gun.
Let me help you in improving your communication skills.
I will reach out to you and exert my effort, I will open my heart and mind to help you to be competitive in the future and also be productive ones,
My energy will and positivity will definitely inspire you.
We will be doing a lot of activities that will develop you skills and I will be giving my attention to guide you all the way. Join me aswe discover the joy of learning.