Bachelor of Secondary Education major in Social Science Normal University

Hi there! I'm teacher Hervie and I have been teaching English online for almost 4 years now. I spent my college years at Philippine Normal University and I took up Bachelor of Secondary Education major in Social Science.

I was crazy about History before. I always thought it was just a piece of cake.
English was also one of my favorite subjects since I was young and I always dreamed to be an effective teacher.

I'm energetic, kind, and fun-loving. I also like to watch good movies and listen to English songs on my spare time. BUt guess what? My most favorite hobby is playing with my dog. Her name is Samantha and we love each other very much. Do you also have a pet like me?

They say a great teacher takes a hand, opens a mind and touches a heart. So I hope I can touch your heart too so we can keep learning English together.

I know you are tired with your school activities but I will make sure you will enjoy our class so you can keep studying for a long time. See yoU!