Bachelor in Secondary Education major in Math University of St. Lasalle, Bacolod City 2017-2018

Hello. My name is Jolly Mae.
I graduated at University of Saint Lasalle which is one of the best schools in our city. I took up Secondary Education major in Mathematics.

Aside from Math, I also like English so this is the reason why I'm working here in NPL. English is very useful especially for your out of the country vacations.

Do want to travel abroad like me?
Travelling in another country is a very fun and memorable activity but it will be more memorable if you can communicate well with other people. So speaking English fluently is very important.

They say that english is difficult and sometimes boring, but if I will be your English teacher, I will make sure that after our class English will be your favorite subject. Do you want to learn english without any hardship? Choose npl and we'll make sure that you will learn while having fun.